The concept for Flounder Pounder Clothing started in 2010 with the Jacksonville Flounder Pounder Fishing tournament; a functional and fun way to raise money for the Jacksonville School for Autism (JSA). The tournament has now grown into an entity of it's own and we wanted you to have access to our clothing all year long.
Autism is a very challenging condition that affects an ever increasing number of children and their families. My son, Tyler, has autism.
The Jacksonville School for Autism provides immeasurable opportunities for improvements and successes for children with autism. These opportunities would not have been available to my son and the many other students attending the JSA without the countless donations made via the Jacksonville Flounder Pounder fishing tournament. This year we saw the completion of the 11th annual tournament and have raised over $650,000 to date. Its success and popularity has led to the introduction of the Flounder Pounder ClothingĀ® line where the purchasing of Flounder Pounder gear and accessories can be made year round. Now you can conveniently match any of the Flounder Pounder logos and your favorite choices of apparel with just a few clicks. We strive to provide products of quality construction and the highest degree of workmanship. Thank you for your continued support.
The Flounder Pounder Founder,
Chip Davis